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The first day of the new year always makes you want to do good and eat well (as in healthy). I can only guess how many new years resolutions has been set with a healthy living and eating in mind.

We tried to start it somewhat good already on new years eve. We had planned on doing a traditional seafood fondue but we changed our minds at the very last minute. The food itself was the same, it was just the preparation that was altered. We decided to do a BBQ!


It is freezing cold in New York right now. We are breaking temperature records. It has not been this cold in over 100 years. We are down to -12-13C/8F. A perfect weather for a BBQ!


Our new years meal always consists of some kind of shellfish. Most likely lobster. After all, I am married to a man who has black belt in eating lobsters. I didn’t feel like messing down the kitchen too much with steaming lobsters and cooking shrimp, so we took the somewhat radical decision to face the cold and throw the food on the BBQ instead. After being equipped with a flashlight, BBQ tools and the food, we headed out. It took a while to even get the grill started. It was almost calling out to us saying “I am hibernating, stop bothering me!”  But after being a little persistent, we got the whole thing going. Fantastic! I can say with a 100% certainty that we were the only ones BBQ’ing this new years eve.


IMG_1671 2





Our dessert  was a simple mixture of a Swiss Meringue and a Banana Split. The year is after all meant to go out with a bang!

To make it extra delicious I baked some brownies and topped them with walnuts.


Swiss Meringue / Banana Split bowl.

Please note that you just need a few or a handful of each ingredient per person. After all, it is supposed to fit in the glass or bowl you choose.

Small meringues

Your favorite ice cream

Whipped heavy cream


Chocolate/Fudge sauce

I also used brownie bits

A few mint leaves.


Just layer it all in a wide glass or bowl. Top with the chocolate/fudge sauce. Final touch is a little bit of fresh mint leaves.



Happy New Year!!!!

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You know how you sometimes would like to make a pretty and impressive dessert but don’t really feel like putting in the time???

Well, look no further. Here is a super easy and a really beautiful dessert that would impress everybody.

Always try to keep some puff pastry in the freezer. It has saved me many times.

If my guests would give me some warning, I defrost it over night in the fridge. If no warning, you can defrost it in the micro wave. Just be careful not do defrost too much so that the puff pastry looses it’s flakiness.

Either you use that every so handy cookie cutter, a regular pastry cutter or why not just a knife, to cut out a preferred shape.

Put your cut out shapes onto a cookie sheet. Parchment paper or silk mat.  I love using the silicone silk mats. They are perfect for almost all baking. Things do not stick and they are easy to clean (bonus round right there).

You can make this any time a year. It works for summer just as well as for Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other occasion.



Puff Pastry Berry delicious.

1 package of frozen puff pastry.

1 egg.

Powdered (confectioners’) sugar.

Heavy cream/whipping cream.

Fresh Berries. I used blueberries and raspberries.

Jam. I used a Blueberry jam.

Sprigs of mint for decoration.


Unfold the puff pastry. Cut out any desired she and put them onto a lined cookie sheet.

Brush lightly with an egg wash (wished egg).

Bake in the oven at 400-450 degrees for about 8-10 minutes or until golden brown.

Let cool on a rack.

Whip the heavy cream and mix it with a great tasting jam.

When the puff pastry shapes has cooled down, cut them length wise in half. Fill it with the whip cream jam.

Place them on a serving dish. Place berries all around. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

That is actually it super easy. 



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Happy Fathers day!!!!

In the US and many other places Father’s day is celebrated today.

I know some fathers that has a few complaints about this day. “People don’t care about us fathers. Shouldn’t it be just as important as Mother’s day? All the mothers in the world get a whole day of fun-filled parties while we get (in best cases) a card, a tie and pat on the back.”

Bohoo, I must say…. Poooor all you fathers. But I do agree, Mother’s day is more of a celebration. Father’s day doesn’t get the same attention.

So, I would like to make this day a real celebration with my favorite cake, the “famous” Swedish Strawberry Cake!! And why not throw in some flowers on top of that??

I was trying to remember if we ever celebrated this day at home. I am a little ashamed to tell you, I can’t even remember!! So I guess the answer is NO. No celebration really. Perhaps just a “Happy father’s day, dad!” was all my dad got. I hope this post will make up for it. At least a little bit.


Swedish Strawberry Cake.

(Note that you could just as well use a regular sponge cake or angel cake for this Strawberry cake.)

4 eggs.

3/4 c. of sugar.

1/3 c. flour.

1/3 c. potato flour. (Can be bought in better assorted grocery stores.)

1 1/2 tsp. baking powder.


3/4 c. whipped heavy cream.

Berries or fruits. Any kind and any combination. I usually use one or two mashed ripe bananas mixed with strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. You could also use canned mandarins mixed with seedless grapes. If you don’t have more berries that what you are going to top the cake with,  just use any kind of jam mixed with the whipped cream.

For decoration;

1 c. whipped heavy cream.

Strawberries or another berry that would look on top of the cake.

Shredded dark chocolate (optional.)

Kiwi fruits, sliced (optional.)


Butter and flour a baking pan. Aprx. 10″ in diameter.

Whip the eggs and sugar together until very light. Mix flour, potato flour and baking powder together and mix into the egg & sugar mixture.

Pour the batter into the buttered and floured pan.

Bake in an 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes.Place the pan in the lower or center part of the oven. Please make sure to check after 30 minutes. Some ovens bake faster than others.

When ready, take it out from the pan and let cool.

Cut into three layers. If you have a hard time doing this it is ok to do only two layers, but three would be the best. 

Whip the heavy cream. Set aside about half of it for the decorating.

Put one layer of heavy cream on 2 of the layers. Top with mashed bananas and/or berries. Add the cake layers on top of each other. Add the “lid” top layer of the cake. Cover with the rest of the whipped heavy cream. Be sure to cover sides as well. Just place the berries or whatever it is you are decorating the cake with on top and all around sides if desired.

This cake is great to make a few hours ahead of time. This makes the inside a little bit more juicy.

I would say, this cake is the most common cake at home.

We serve it for any occasion.

I hope you will enjoy it.



I have many strawberry & wild strawberry plants in my garden. It is a “must” to at least have a few plants. I grew up with this and could not even imagine there not being any strawberries to pick.

My dad and I call each other and talk about our strawberries. My dad actually called yesterday and told me he just picked the first ones for the year. Yum.


Happy Father’s day!!!!

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Today is the international waffle day, a very important day for all of us waffle lovers.

Fresh crispy, flakey waffles with some whipped cream, fresh berries and home-made (or bought for that matter) jam… Nothing can ever beat that!

They are the very best when just made, and I men JUST made. It is all about not being the designated waffle maker. Everybody will fight over the steaming hot waffles, and you can not make them fast enough. In a perfect world one would make a plate full of waffles and everybody would sit down and eat together, but in reality…. it’s like feeding hungry wolves. But is certainly is worth it. Let the indulgence begin.

Happy international waffle day!!!


Flakey waffles.

Serves 3-4.

1 1/2 cup of flour.

1 1/2 cup of heavy cream, whipped.

1 cup of seltzer water, ice-cold. This is the trick to making the waffles super flakey and crispy. If you don’t have seltzer water, use regular water it must be ice-cold.

2 oz (half a stick) of butter.

1/4  teaspoon of salt (or 3 pinches.)


Melt the butter and let cool.

Mix flour, salt & seltzer water together to a smooth (thick) batter. 

Whip the heavy cream, “Fold” into batter together with the cooled butter. 

Grease (butter or cooking spray) the waffle iron. Pour in some batter. Let the waffles turn golden brown.

Serve with fresh berries and whipped cream. You can of course also add any kind of syrup.

To make them a little fancy, you could sprinkle over some powdered sugar.


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