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And so it is finally here. Christmas!!!!


At this point everybody in Sweden has hustled to get the last presents wrapped, the food cooked and plated, the snow shuffled, the candles lit, the fireplaces lit, the “Donald Duck’s Christmas on TV has been watched. The food has after that been eaten, the christmas presents has been opened and then….. finally, as my sister-in-law so nicely put it, “A great christmas tradition” has taken place. People pass out on the couch or are taking little naps….
I am telling you, Christmas is very hectic. And we will do it all over again tomorrow since it is the American day of celebration. But it is just done in a different order…

We start with opening the presents. Still dressed in our p-j’s. Eating rice porridge drinking egg-nog. Then, cooking the last food, setting the table, wrapping the last presents for our guests, making sure the “glögg” is prepared, the saffron buns and the christmas candies greats our friends…..

Eat and be merry.

I just love Christmas. It is the epiphany of the family gatherings of the year.

Merry Christmas to all of my family, old and new friends.

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